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Phrases Often Heard From Insurance Companies

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“They are not on our list.”

  • We refuse to be pressured by insurance companies. We select the Insurance Companies  “list” that we want to be on. We only partner with Insurance companies who want quality auto body repairs and treat the vehicle owner with respect. We identify the vehicle owner as our primary customer, not the insurance company. They may not be on our list, so ask us.

“They are hard to work with.”
  • We don’t allow the insurance company to dictate how the auto body repairs are to be done on your vehicle. We do not accept their policies regarding used and aftermarket parts, and we expect to be paid for all repairs, parts and supplies used.

“They charge too much.”
  • You hire us to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. We repair according to manufacture requirements and industry standards instead of taking short cuts to lower the collision repair costs.

“They take too long.”
  • Not true. We have one of the fastest cycle times due to our experienced auto body repair techs, modern and fully equipped body shop which includes a mechanical shop and full time, certified mechanic.

“If you take it to one of our shops, we will guarantee the repairs.”
  • Insurance companies do not guarantee the repairs! They will send you back to whomever you selected off their “list”. The collision repair center is the only one held responsible for the guarantee.

“We can’t guarantee their work.”
  • Finally, a true statement! The collision repair facility guarantees their work. We are one of the oldest, independent shops in Savannah, GA and we guarantee everything we do for as long as you own your vehicle.

“Claims take longer to settle if you use them.”
  • Our priority is to serve you and guarantee that your vehicle is repaired correctly. The only delays we experience are those created by the insurance company.

“You will have to pay ‘The Difference’.”
  • “The Difference” that the insurance company is referring to is the price difference in the estimate that we write and the estimate that the insurance company writes. “The Difference” is added items or procedures needed to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. We know your rights, don’t be misled. This is simply a method to get you to their direct repair shop, which saves them money and could result in improper repairs.
“We are on your side. Can you work with us?”
  • This is a plea to sway you to their direct repair shop. They should be working with you to repay you for the exorbitant premiums they collect and the low level of service you may be about to receive from them.
Last but not least, if all else fails, there is: “Let’s see, when does your policy come up for renewal?”
  • To which you should answer, “Not soon enough because veiled threats tell me I am with the wrong company and I will be changing ASAP.”
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